Rule the Beach with This Classic Off-Roader  Jul 15th, 2015 
There’s something special about vintage sport-utes. In the past we’ve featured classic Jeeps, Broncos, and a bad-ass Dodge Power Wagon. Today, we bring you this beautiful 1967 International Harvester Scout. The IH Scout was designed at a time when the off-road-vehicle market had yet to mature. Until the Scout’s introduction in 1961, the only such […] 
2016 Fiat 500X AWD Tested: How Do You Say “Do-Over” in Italian?  Jul 15th, 2015 
The best thing about Fiat’s new 500X crossover is that it has almost nothing in common with the Fiats currently languishing on dealer lots. Fiat sales are down 13 percent overall this year, and June sales were off 30 percent from the same month in 2014, the worst performance among all auto brands. Nobody at […] 
2015 Nissan Armada Review: It Has Definitely Arrived Having Eaten  Jul 15th, 2015 
Overview: The full-size Nissan Armada SUV is at this point so old, you’d be forgiven for thinking it earned its name for having been part of the Spanish Armada. Introduced for 2004, the big Nissan remains an iconoclastic choice in the face of the more-popular big haulers from GM and Ford and is based on […] 
Video: McLaren’s 675LT Attacks a Race Track  Jul 15th, 2015 
The McLaren 675LT takes everything we like about the 650S (which is a lot) and just makes it all better. Who cares if the “long tail” is just an inch longer than the car it’s based on and is more for marketing than for a true long tail? We don’t. Just listen to the way […] 
2015 Nissan Armada – Quick-Take Review  Jul 15th, 2015 
2016 Fiat 500X AWD – Instrumented Test  Jul 15th, 2015 
Ford’s One-Off “Apollo Edition” Mustang Wants to Be an Astronaut When It Grows Up  Jul 15th, 2015 
What could be more American than a Ford Mustang GT? How about a custom one-off Mustang built to commemorate the Apollo moon missions? It’s not powered by a Saturn V rocket, but it does have 627 horsepower. Admittedly, special-edition Mustangs can run toward the cheesy side, and this one is no different: The insignia that […] 
Ford’s One-Off “Apollo Edition” Mustang Wants to Be an Astronaut When It Grows Up  Jul 15th, 2015 
NADA Files Request to Make CFPB Memo Public  Jul 15th, 2015 
The National Automobile Dealers Association filed a Freedom of Information Act request Monday, seeking to make a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau memo about limiting dealer discretion public. 
CFPB, DOJ Reach $24M Settlement With Honda Finance  Jul 15th, 2015 
Just two weeks after American Banker reported that the CFPB was planning to cite three captive auto finance companies for policies that allegedly caused minority car buyers to pay higher rates for auto loans, the bureau and the Department of Justice have announced a settlement with Honda Finance Corp. 
Depreciation Slows in June, NADA Used Car Guide Reports  Jul 15th, 2015 
Used-vehicle depreciation slowed modestly in June compared to May’s more rapid pace, the firm reported this week, with prices for vehicle up to eight years in age falling 2.5% on a monthly basis in June. 
Toyota Recalls 109,000 Prius V Hybrids for Stalling  Jul 15th, 2015 
Toyota is recalling 109,000 Prius V hybrids in the U.S. that can potentially stall while driving, the company said Wednesday. The 2012–2014 Prius V (the wagon thing, not the egg-shaped hatch) has two ECUs managing the hybrid and electric motor that can burn out their transistors and send the car into a limp-home mode or […] 
Confirmed: New Audi R8 Will Get a Turbo As Its Second Engine  Jul 15th, 2015 
The new, second-generation Audi R8 is launching with a 5.2-liter naturally aspirated V-10 as its sole engine offering, the previous entry-level 4.2-liter V-8 having been jettisoned from the lineup. Now Motoring is quoting two senior Audi executives as saying that the car will get a second engine offering, one that features turbocharged power. The ten-cylinder […] 
2016 GMC Sierra: Now You See It, and, Well, That’s Pretty Much It  Jul 15th, 2015 
Barely trailing its General Motors platform-mate, the Chevrolet Silverado, the GMC Sierra also receives a midcycle refresh for 2016. Compared with the 2016 Silverado, which was more or less given an all-new face, the GMC’s changes are more subtle, although because GMC is so far releasing only photos, we don’t know the full extent of the […] 
Ram Patents Retractable Pickup Truck Bed Ramps  Jul 15th, 2015 
Ram Trucks recently received a patent for a truly brilliant, if so far nonexistent, pickup truck feature: Fold-out ramps integrated into the bed of a pickup truck. Damn, why didn’t we think of this?The patent, titled “Adjustable Loading Ramp System for a Vehicle” and awarded June 30th, was noticed by a tipster who forwarded the […] 
Ricky Beggs Receives NIADA’s Ring of Honor Award  Jul 15th, 2015 
Ricky Beggs, who previously served as Black Book's senior vice president, has been honored as the newest member of the prestigious Ring of Honor for the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association. 
2016 Kia Soul EV Price Sliced by $2K  Jul 14th, 2015 
Kia has trimmed the price of its Soul EV by $2000, with the addition of a new base version, the EV-e. The EV-e (“Eve?”) is available only in California, however. The other states in which you can buy the electric Soul—Georgia, Texas, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii—will continue to offer only two models, the Soul EV […] 
2016 Hyundai Tucson By the Numbers: Pricing and EPA Fuel Economy Ratings Revealed  Jul 14th, 2015 
The 2016 Hyundai Tucson is expected to hit dealerships in the next couple of weeks, and we now know the price of entry for the brand’s redesigned SUV. Hyundai has announced that the base, front-wheel-drive Tucson SE will start at $23,595. Stepping up to the Tucson Eco, with its more powerful and fuel-efficient 1.6-liter turbo […] 
2016 Hyundai Tucson By the Numbers: Pricing and EPA Fuel Economy Ratings Revealed  Jul 14th, 2015 
2015 Volkswagen Passat Reviewed: Family-Sedan Goodness Clothed in Anonymity  Jul 14th, 2015 
Overview: The 2015 VW Passat is Volkswagen’s premier North American passenger car, designed for the U.S. market and assembled in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It differs from the European version of the same name in size (Volkswagen calls it “the largest Passat ever”), styling, suspension tuning, and, most important, in price, making it more competitive in the […] 
2015 Volkswagen Passat – Quick-Take Review  Jul 14th, 2015 
Why changing your oil is imperative to your cars health!  Oct 8th, 2013 
Here at U Drive Today we have come to learn that regular maintenance of a vehicle, such as oil changes, is often overlooked and it shouldn't be. According to Mobil 1, a top rated oil manufacturer, they state, "Motor oil probably handles more tasks within an engine than any other component, fluid or material. Some of the key motor oil tasks are to protect the engine by lubricating its moving parts, cool critical engine parts by transferring heat away, pump easily to critical engine parts at low temperatures, keep internal components clean and free from varnish and harmful deposits. No matter how good the oil, eventually they can no longer perform the previously described tasks effectively. Thats because with time and mileage, the oils additives get used up, causing the engine oil to degrade. At this point the oil must be changed before sludge and deposits build up. When the oil is drained, the contaminants are removed with it." Without regular maintenance such as oil changes, your cars performance can begin to lack and can even cause your car to break down. This could be extremely costly and inconvenient! When proper care is taken, a vehicle can outlast any expectation and can keep repair costs down.

Here at U Drive Today, located at 2240 E Lincoln Highway, Coatesville Pa 19320, we offer oil changes for the length of your car loan. This will keep your car healthy for longer and more money in your pocket. We also offer a 3,000 mile or 3 month warranty with the purchase of every car. You even have the option to purchase up to an 18 month warranty. This can save you thousands over the life of your car. Plus, the comfort of knowing the work is being done by certified mechanics is something you can't put a price on. Give us a call today to discuss our warranty options. 866-790-4545

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